Saturday, 21 May 2011

Moira Canal Festival and Giant Hanging Baskets

Today we went to Moira Canal Festival

The boats were impressive and alot had photos of restorations that had taken place

The weather was kind, if a little windy, this is the events 11th year and was well organised with alot of vistors and exhibitors.

Don't try this at home, he said to "go next door and do it" !!!!

He hammered a nail straight into his nose as well, how do you find out that you can do this?

I guess this is a bad day at work for the assistant.

Ferrets looking very cute.

Finding a little train, always makes me smile

Outside catering not upto much, not really, one of the exhibitors, maybe showing how some people used to live.

The biggest hanging basket in the Midlands, or so it claims, under construction. Looks impressive, I wish I had something which held mine upright whilst I planted, rather than have to wedge it between pots.

I just had to take a photo of these in the garden at the nursery, they were just there with no explanation

In the nursery gardens

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