Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kings Lock Tea Rooms

Finally we visited this Tea Rooms. Its by the canal so you have to pick the weather for it.

It was sunnier than it looks, I really must learn how to take a decent picture

We did have to explore a bit as the map left a little to be desired. The map placed us on the wrong side of the canal!

Thankfully, we did go in the right direction. 

The house itself has been here for rather along time and was once the Lock Keepers house.

You can tell that it obviously was once a home.

Its me not taking the photo straight, btw not the room.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bradgate Park and Newtown Linford

Bradgate Park - We have been here many many times as well, join us on our walk.

We finished here at the newly opened this year Tea Rooms.
The old and the new go well together.

We sat outside today but hopefully as this one is rather more modern than the older one it will be open in the winter as well.

Nothing jumped in my basket here, its very pretty but rather expensive. 

I am spoilt, at the nursery where I work the original selling prices are still a lot cheaper than this places "to clear", prices.

Beacon Hill

Today we went for a walk in the sunshine around Beacon Hill Country Park. We have been many times before but its always a pleasure whether in darkest November or summer sunshine in July.

Beacon Hill Country Park has wild flower meadows and grassland

The views are quite special and best of all, its not much of a climb either.

Is it just me that can see a Baboons face in the rock?

Or the human here?

Thankfully, these didn't mind us, the other children running around or the dogs.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

RSPCA Open Garden

This garden opens twice a year in aid of the RSPCA. Due to the weather we have missed it for the last couple of openings at least.

This weekend wasn't looking good either.

However, plants do like the rain, so all was well.

Seed Roof

Isn't this walkway lovely?

I did ask him to pose for me but he wasn't interested.

 The boot is good fun, and makes a great planter.

Allotment Today

Some allotment photos taken today.

Runner Beans

First Early Potatoes


Cape Gooseberries and Loganberries

Baby Bear Pumpkins


This street looked a lot more inviting in real life.

Planting around the Church with the Old Grammar School in the background

Red, White and Blue Planting scheme.

The River was very high after all the rain

We sat here and read the paper.

I took this photo mainly as a record of plants which grow well in the shade.

To finish, after all that walking around.