Monday, 26 November 2012


Burnham-on-Sea and Western-Super-Mare

We had been to Burnham before for a day trip from another place. We didn't realise until we had been there for a while. I even thought we had been in a cafe similar to the one we were in. Then the penny dropped!

Western Super Mare

Long shadows in the winter sun.

Burnham on Sea

The Ships Pantry and Kitchen

They lived well, and I would love a pantry like this.

Massive tins of soup.

Preserved Fruit

Jars of Marmalade and Jam

Apples and Oranges

These following pictures are complete with sights, sounds and smells.

The chef is rather harassed and chases away mice!!

SS Great Britian

We have been down to Bristol to see the SS Great Britain.

SS Great Britain is a museum now, designed by Brunel. We have been before but you can actually go underneath now. Actually under the water and get close enough to touch. We knew this was a feature before we went, but I didn't realise that we would be that close.

It was a damp wet day, but thankfully most of it was undercover, as in, inside the boat.

Goods waiting to be loaded unto the boat.

See what I mean, actually underneath the boat.

The air supply is controlled to remove moisture from the air.