Wednesday, 29 February 2012


A few from February

Just some randoms from February, garden photos taken today.

Taken at the weekend, on our trip out.

The things we find:-

I bought these, to grow on

In the garden

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Charnwood Water

At the weekend we went for a walk around Charnwood Water. Its mainly used for fishing now. But open to anyone to have a walk around.

I'm not sure that the water is that blue, I think the camera is lying.

Some lovely views. I wouldn't mind a view like that from my house.

I'm not usually lucky enough to have my camera just to hand at the exact moment a robin lands a couple of feet away from me.

Then we found this, rather abandoned.

Stonehurst Farm

We visited Stonehurst Farm at the weekend. We have been around the farm before but there is abit more to see.

 Lots to see here.

Some old vehicles.

That the cafe, yes we did go in.

No one was at home.

I wonder how long this has been here?

Brooklea Nursery and Daisy's Tea Rooms

As we usual at the weekend we found a cafe to visit.

Lovely, almost spring like sunshine. Although not quite warm enough to sit outside just yet.

Yum Yum, well it would have been rude to refuse.

It will be nice to sit out here during the summer.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Well, it was forecast and it came, rather a lot of it as well.

The Tulips peeping their heads through is a result of the Lasagna planting I did last year.

I do like the little bit of snow settled in the candle holder on the shed.

I put the oven on and made this.

Grow Your Own

Making a start, I do love sowing seeds. Last years leeks are nearly all gone now. So I think I need to sow a few more this year. I'v done two trays like this.

3 pots of Brocolli

The view from the shed door, the birds do visit.

Sweet Pea do make brilliant cut flowers, and the more you cut the more they come.
Ours didn't do very well last year, I think they got buried in other flowers before they had a chance. I shall more them to another site this year.

Sweet pea seeds, they do have a long root run so will enjoy these root trainers.

3 pots of cauliflower.

February Garden

Some garden pictures from early February

The Cornus makes a really nice display at this time of the year. I must remember to buy some more.
The Heuchera dosn't minf the frost either. It looks pretty but very cold

Lovely pink buds

I keep on meaning to straighten the pot in the middle.

Keep warm!