Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snow, which has all gone now

The first snow of the year, well of the winter rather than the year. We did have some disruption here. The Friday that it fell we had booked the day off work which was handy!

We had such a lot, much more than previous years.

I guess it won't be long before everything is in flower again.

Everything emerges again.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Meccano Magic at Abbey Pumping Station

The magic of Meccano at Abbey Pumping Station, for all ages, old and young alike.

The train whizzes by. It wasn't going that fast, I think the new camera is lying. 

Coming into the station.

The museum is very good at changing their exhibits to match the event. They must have a massive archive.

Some exhibitors own builds.

See, suitable for big kids as well.

New Years Day 2013

Abbey Park on New Years Day. As you know we do go here a lot both in the Summer and Winter. We would have liked to have gone into the cafe but it was rather busy. The sun did make an appearance for us as well.

Do you like this? not sure it would be very comfortable though.

The planting looks rather bleak at this time of year, but it does get better.

We bought a new camera for Christmas so the next couple of photos are us playing with the camera.