Thursday, 29 December 2011

December, mostly decorations

Snake's Head Fritillary

I'm so pleased to show you these. I really really hope they are not weeds.

I sowed four seeds in each pot on 21st June 2011

I've added the 5p so you can see the size. I spotted them on 21st December 2011, six months to the day.

I sowed four seeds per pot so if I get five seedlings, then I know they are weeds. 

I'll keep you posted.

Boxing Day at Abbey Park

Boxing Day walk

 The tea rooms was open, we really really didn't expect it to be, so of course we just had to go in.

After that we had a nice walk before going into town to spend some Christmas money and something to eat.

Lots of promise for the spring and summer.

A rare bit of colour at this time of year.

Christmas Eve at Bradgate Park

I know its rather late in the day how, but never the less, this was our walk at Bradgate Park on Christmas Eve.

We usually do go here and many many times throughout they year. You never tire of the view.

Had to just show you this first.

Very buzy with lots of people doing the same as us.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. The weather was kind to us this year. We had ice and snow last year, which you would expect, being as it was December but dosn't make it easy to get around.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas in our world

The top of the milk, holly on the silver lid, something I havn't seen for a long long time.

Christmas Adventures

Christmas Adventures

Just a few photos from our adventures.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Decorations

I had a trip into town yesterday to do abit of shopping.

Decorations in the Town Hall Square

There is usually a childrens theme, they do have a manger scene as well, but I couldn't get to it due to work taking place.

Two Christmas Tree's, the usual one by the Clock Tower

and the posh one in the new Highcross shopping centre.

Never work with animals or children

Thats what the experts say, right?

We went to Melton Mowbray Christmas Fayre on Sunday, on display were rare breads sheep and alpaca

See that don't stay still and people get in the way, okay maybe not the animals fault.

This one is from a show earlier in the year. So I guess they can behave, when they want to.

They are there somewhere.


The best I'm going to get.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November and the adventures

The Gas Museum

See, Pumkins are done and dusted and back to museums.

We have been meaning to visit this museum for years and years. Unfortunately the opening times are a little short, only 3 afternoons a week and weekdays at that, when we are normally out at work.

Unlike all our other museums which are open all day at the weekend.

When we got there, the Curator was talking on the telephone, so of course we waited.
It became clear that he was being offered a Gas Cooker for the museum, happens alot apparently. Unfortunately, they can't take them all, let alone the safety of said items.

When he finished on the phone, he actually thought we just wanted to ask something, or to donate a cooker!!!!  he was quite surprised that we wanted to look around.

All gas kitchen, yes the fridge runs on gas.

I don't think I would be using these.

Yes, it really is an hairdryer, you sit infront of it.
I guess it would dry your hair, just as long as you like the wind-swept look.

All mod-cons

It looks abit worse for wear now, but I don't think I would have wanted to use it, originally.

Pumpkins for the 3rd time

And last, you'll be pleased to know, I'm sure.

We were both at home at dinner time today, so in an effort not to waste the pumpkin I made soup.

I think it looks like a manic pac man, not good!!!

I'm amazed at how orange the pumpkin is, the photo dosn't do it justice.

Saved seeds for next year. I've said that we can only pick the best looking plant.
We only want one, no really we do only want and need one!!!!