Sunday, 27 May 2012

Watermead Park

Last night we had a picnic at Watermead Park then had a walk around.

That is a replica woolly mamouth btw, its meant to have roamed here.

Our Allotment 26th May 2012

Some photos of our allotment on 26th May 2012

This is a fan trained loganberry, its the first time we have fan trained anything, and, well, it does look fan shaped. We did have a good crop last year and it does have flowers on this year so it should be okay.

The plum tree to the left was bought for £5.00 four years ago, we had fruit last year, and we pruned it during late March, its looking okay so far.

You can see our potatoes to the left of the path in the middle. These onions on the right but you can see them.

The essential tools. 

 Broad beans to the left and netted cabbages and broccoli after that, under the white hoops that you can see.

Thornton Reservoir

A walk around Thornton Reservoir

I had an unexpected day of from the nursery on the last bank holiday. 
(Yes I am abit late in showing you these pictures)

Its a nice walk around, when the sun in shining, which it wasn't for this bank holiday, but never the less I did enjoy myself and did make it back to the car just as the heavens opened.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Early May Garden

Come for a walk around the garden.

The "grass" on the left is from bird seeds.

The weeds have been liking the wet weather

The ground elder on the right comes through from next door. Its been attacked this morning with the weed flame gun.

The sweet peas in the trellis planter are slow to get going.

Sorry about the washing, I did try to avoid it.

Sutton Cheney

We've been here before, but its nice to go back to somewhere familiar.

It was far to cold to sit outside, funny weather for the beginning of May

April in our World

I'm rather late in showing you this, but never the less, this is a round up of April

Lockwoods Tea Rooms

We went to a new to us Tea Rooms called Lockwoods. Its in rather a posh part of our little city. Unfortunately it was a damp cold windy day, so not one for much looking around and browsing. But never the less we did have a nice dinner.

The photo really could have been better captured, but as I say it was abit of a dash in the rain.

We did find an interior? garden place across the road for a browse around.

I'm sure these Red Robins made into ball standards are worth £150 but one didn't fall into my boot.