Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Battlefield Line

Yesterday we went out to The Battlefield Line railway day. The weather stayed nice for our adventure, as it usually does. The event is on over the bank holiday, yesterday was much nicer than today. Today its rather windy. OH went to the allotment this morning though, and bought back a few strawberrys, very nice they were too. There was only a few and they are gone now.

We found the station cat in the sunshine, which I imagine is where any self respecting pog would be.

We were lucky enough to arrive just in time to see this arriving.  Which pleased me of course.

Just a few cases, just in case!!

We had a play in the garden later. I've just about planted all of the plants that I'd grown from seed. You never can tell how many are going to germinate. These are leeks and sprouts which will be planted in June, which I can hardly beleive is just around the corner.

The cold frame is almost empty of plants now. The is an experiment, I've never grown a tomato in a grow bag standing up in this way. The general idea is it makes for easier watering which is a killer for toms if you don't get it right. Its erratic watering that makes tomatoes split, so this should work, oh and a nice *hot summer wouldn't go amiss either.

This is our back garden veg plot. It really an half cider barrel which we bought on holiday from a cider farm. We had it in the back of the car all week, whilst on holiday. We were never sure if we were over the limit from the fumes.
Anway, its made a little veg plot where we grow various things as you can see.

*The sun came out as I was typing :-0

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