Sunday, 22 April 2012

Silent Sunday

Goscote Nurserys

We went here for dinner yesterday, its the place that I couldn't remember the name of in previous posts.
Goscote Nursery's.

Isn't this lovely, its how they display their plants in front of the cafe.

I do rather like succulents, I have a bowl just like this one as well. Unfortunately, I do not have a sewing machine table to display it on.

New shoots of spring.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hobbies and Pass Times at Abbey Pumping Station

We've been to Abbey Pumping Station lots of times. This event was a new one this year.

This is a scale model of the inside. You can walk around the top floor. 

If you look at the pillars in the centre of the photo, these are them in really life.

Do you see what I mean?

Some of the stalls and exhibits.

A bit of fun.

Rather topical at the moment. They announced the time which was 12 hours after she sank and played music as she went down.

Isn't this one great, all knitted. 

I can't remember the name

We visited this nursery but I really can't remember the name of it. Sorry. However I still want to show you the photo's of the garden.

We will go back (and show you the photo's) when its a bit warmer for dinner in the garden.

Nice idea for a seat isn't it, must bring good luck as well.

Lamport Hall Antiques and Collectors Fair

We have been to this fair before, this was a bit bigger than before which was nice for the organizers. I didn't get anything myself, unless you count an Hot Dog for dinner. OH got a couple of books which he was pleased with.

It wasn't very nice weather, to the point that the rain just held off.

The weather doesn't look great, does it?

Inside the museum. Seems odd now to see cigarette adverts.

Queens Park and Charnwood Museum

We have been here before and see it at various times of the year. Its always a nice place to visit, much like an old friend.

We've been before of course, looking much prettier now.

During the summer these trees provide a needed place to sit in the shade with a picnic.

Hope you liked that trip around the park.