Friday, 20 May 2011

An adventure to share

Whenever we have a day out at the weekend its always known as "an adventure"

This was a transport event.

We were treated to a flypast, the photo isn't brilliant, but I'm sure you will appreciate you just have to point and snap as its over in a moment, this sort of thing oftern brings a tear to my eye.

Something else I love to see and watch....

Very impressive, well I think so anyway

Wouldn't it be nice to pay these prices now

As part of the transport exhibition, there was an exhibition of travel posters.
Nice, arn't they? 

This fish and chip shop was inside the museum, and was re-created from one found inside someones house, the front room, if I remember correctly.
The reason that it was in a transport exhibition was that fish was a cheap meal, due to the easy transportation costs on the railway.

Thats not the case now, we have chippy chips every Friday and the £4.50 bill for the two of us bears that out!!!

A day at the sea-side.

Hope you enjoyed that, have a good weekend all

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