Sunday, 30 October 2011

On the Plot

I've started the winter work on our allotment.

We do winter digging, where by, if the weather is fine then you dig over your plot and leave the clods of soil turned over, over the winter.

I don't mind working in poor weather at all, but its not a good idea to work on frosty or water logged ground.

This is the drive way into the allotment, the colours look nice, don't they?

6lb of parsnips, its rather a good job they are hard to germinate, otherwise we'ed have alot more.
Its also rather a good job that we both like them!!!

Some nice new manure for the winter digging. Its important not to add this to any beds that you are going to sow root crops in. Otherwise you get rude veg.

And so the gardening year start again :-)

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