Sunday, 30 October 2011

Coventry Transport Museum

Yesterday we went to Coventry Transport Museum

Its a free entry museum in the middle of the town, so we had a wonder around there.
They had a display called Wheels & Waves, an ehibition showing vehicles which British surfers use.

Did you know that you can fit a 9"4 board into a VW Golf, well you can, just. So they claim.

They look good, don't they, I bet they cost a fortune to get them looking that good as well.

Step back in time....

Thrust 2 is a British built Land Speed Record car.

633.468 mph by Richard Nobel OBE at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

We only went around the ground floor as we wanted to look around the town. So we decided to have something to eat in the new cafe at the front of the museum. There used to be one within the museum, but unfortunately this has gone and has been replaced by a chain.

Coventry was bombed during the second world war, the worst attack was on 14th November 1940, whenever I have read about this, I've always noticed that its my birthday, well 31 years later it was anyway.

The Cathedral took rather an hit and this is pretty much whats left of it.

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