Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Mini Heat Wave

I do not worship the sun, but I do like to see it all the same. You won't hear me saying "its cold", until its been below freezing all day :-0

When it stays like that all day, this day can be looked back upon. This is the beginning of October and unseasonable hot weather.

We had already put the table and chairs away for the year, but bought them out again for one last time.

The start of winter colour with lasagna planting underneath. I understand that is the term used at the moment, with layers of bulbs underneath the flowers.

The toms did ripen in the end. I was going to get rid of them last week, but as the weather forecast was for hot weather I thought I might as well leave them to ripen. No chutney this year, after all. But I would rather have toms. Very sweet they are too.

This sunflower is self seeded, either bought in by the birds or from the bird seed. We are hoping it will go to seed so that the birds can have some "home grown food" as well ;-)

Just to prove that it is Autumn.


greenthumb said...

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

Lucille said...

I hadn't heard the term lasagna planting before. I'll try to use it now!