Saturday, 11 June 2011

An unexpected day out

We were going to go out tomorrow to Open Farm Sunday, we thought it would be something new that we hadn't seen or done before, however, the weather doesn't promise to be good, and it seemed okay today, so I suggested today to be the day out. Very nice it was as well :-), not that I was surprised all our days out are nice.

First of all we decided that we needed some more gravel for the garden, so that meant a trip to B&Q, which happens to have a park opposite - Abbey Park, which also happens to have a Tea Rooms

This smells as nice as it looks

A nice place to sit

Buzy looking after the young ones

I wish I was this good at building

He was more than happy nibbling, just before a small child ran after the poor thing.

Then after the domestic trip to B&Q we went to New Walk Museum for some nibbles for us.

New Walk

Have a good weekend all.

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greenthumb said...

Just found your Blog, love your photos. Looks like you had a great time.