Sunday, 19 June 2011

Agatha Christie

A free exhibition of Agatha Christie memorabilia

Posters of The Mousetrap, yes its still running. It opened on 25th November 1952, that is according to a quick google.

Sometimes known as the womens method of murder, if you've read as many murder mysterys as I have.
It dosn't take so much effort you see, not like stabbing or shooting, and you can have an alibi for when the poisoning actually takes place. I seem to remember that the posion was in the sugar in one of the books, anyone could have put it there. ;-)

Can you see Monsieur Bob the Dog, he was blamed for making someone fall down the stairs, when it was really a length of twine across the staircase.

Bob never did play on the stairs, he always returned to his basket with his ball.

He helped to solve the case in the end, clever dog.

Hope you can see this, its a menu from Bettys Tearooms from times goneby.

The weather was nice when we returned home so I picked some flowers from the garden.

Have a good week

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