Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fritillaria meleagris - sowing my own seeds

Yes I did google that, AKA Snake's Head Fritillary seeds.

I'm having a go at sowing my own, I've been reading up and its best to give the best part of a year before giving up on germination, so here goes, I'll let you know.

I picked out the seeds from the cases, its pretty easy to see whats what when you look closely. I sowed four seeds in each pot. That way I can keep a track on how many I'm waiting to show their heads

They are outside but under cover of rain, but open to the weather. Its quite hard to find locations exactly as the books tell you. Nature dosn't play ball that way. However, I can understand what is meant, as when the seeds would have been shed, they would now be nestling in beds which are full of flowers, and therefore pretty shaded.

The area where they are dosn't get wet. Its wet now as I've given them a little drink.
I'll keep you posted

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