Friday, 25 November 2011

Pumpkins, Part 2

Pumpkin Chutney

I'm not too sure about this one, I think the receipe called for far too much ginger. I did wonder at the time.

I tasted it after about 3/4 hour on the hob and I was correct. !!!

I added a little bit of the cider which was left over and some sugar, and continued to cook it.

Its abit milder now, strong cheese will be needed.

I got two jars, we shall see how it tastes in due course. We won't open until Christmas so it has a month to calm down.

Maybe, Pumpkin soup tomorrow, but for now, I'm all Pumpkined out.

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greenthumb said...

Looks like you have been busy with pumpkins lately, hope it tastes good.