Sunday, 8 July 2012


Another interest of ours is Classic and Modified Cars. Last Thursday being a rare nice day and evening we went to a local meet.

It's held at Stoney Cove, a National Diving Centre

These are some of the cars. From here the captions are from my OH who knows alot more about it than I do. I would just say "the yellow one" 

Home brewed V8 hot rod, the grille is from a 1930's Ford model 'Y' - the rest????

Dodge of some sort, early '60s I think.

Stretched Checker, probably originally an airport bus. Now belongs to a local limo hire company.

1950(?) Buick with tooth decay. Should have brushed more often.

Satin black 1932 Ford "deuce' coupe. The pinstriping on the boot is a traditional hot rod touch.

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greenthumb said...

I think they look great, last year while on holidays we stumbled upon a car rally they put so much love and care into there cars.