Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our Allotment 26th May 2012

Some photos of our allotment on 26th May 2012

This is a fan trained loganberry, its the first time we have fan trained anything, and, well, it does look fan shaped. We did have a good crop last year and it does have flowers on this year so it should be okay.

The plum tree to the left was bought for £5.00 four years ago, we had fruit last year, and we pruned it during late March, its looking okay so far.

You can see our potatoes to the left of the path in the middle. These onions on the right but you can see them.

The essential tools. 

 Broad beans to the left and netted cabbages and broccoli after that, under the white hoops that you can see.

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greenthumb said...

You have such a lovely big spot to garden in.