Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Seed Sowing in March

I am very very behind with blogging this month. I've been sowing seeds. We don't have a greenhouse, otherwise I'd sow even more! but we do have windowsills which are almost as good.

I really must make a note not to sow the whole packet of seeds, otherwise you end up with this lot.

I bought these petunia plants as plugs.

See how well they have grown, I know they always do*, its just that its always a nice surprise when they do. 

*Apart from a 100% failure on a packet of Gardener's Delight seeds which have not germinated at all. I've even check to make sure the foil packet isn't still in the seed packet.

 These Sweet Pea's were not that successful either.

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greenthumb said...

Your garden is going to full up.