Sunday, 18 September 2011

Foxton Canal Festival

Foxton Locks Canal Festival was held both yesterday and today, we looked out of the window and decided to go today. As it turned out, weather wise it was the same both days. Warm in the sun with one sharp shower. The time at the allotment was timed with tea and cake time in the car, at the same time as the shower ;-)

Foxton Locks is managed and run by The Foxton Inclined Plane Trust (FIPT), its all Charity funded and run by volenteers. I think you can be a member if you want to be, we are not, but today raised money for the charity.

This little bookshop was sweet, the people had given up half of their boat to the bookshop. Not easy to do, I'm sure.

Myself and OH decided that owning a boat wouldn't be for us. To much downsizing to do.
I said that if you bought one thing then you would have to throw something away.!!!

According to the leaflet, this I assume was the Interactive Living Viking Village, complete with Ice Cream van!!!, but you get the idea, I'm sure.

I think the one with the long hair is enjoying himself abit too much!!!!

See what I mean, he went on to distroy the shield as well.

Dinner :-)

The Alpacas were for sale, the price wasn't stated, but you could also buy a postcard for 50p. That sounds easier.

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greenthumb said...

Those boats are so very pretty, I don't think I could live on one, but maybe a holiday.