Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Trip into Town and a Picnic Lunch by the Town Hall

I have no excuse for not blogging very much in July, I'd like to say these been alot of allotmenteering, and although there has been abit, it hasn't kept me that busy. I do have the Other Half to thank for that. He says I sow the seeds in the spring, so its not that.

I can't say I've been gardening alot, as it pretty much takes care of itself.

Perhaps its too much reading of other blogs ;-)

The Town Hall, which is in Town Hall Square

The Fountain in the centre.

We then went to Castle Gardens

A lazy day on the River

Its a lovely walk through, we walked through here earlier in the year when you had to watch your step as the ground was very icy.

Hope you enjoyed our stroll through town.

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greenthumb said...

What a pretty part of the world you live in, glad you have been having fun.