Saturday, 16 July 2011

Catch up time

All is well in our world, the weekends go so fast, over before you know it and its back to work Monday.

Anyway, this is last weekends adventures

I have shown you this before, its New Walk Museum, we visit it alot, it has a cafe, thats not the only reason why we visit, but its part of the reason.

A nice place to sit with a book.

The apple is to show the size of the radish, they were meant to grow that long and tasted very radishy

July flowers from the garden.

An explaination is needed, I know!

It a Woolly Mammoth - a model one of course, its at Watermead Park.

When the park was created in the mid 1980's excavations turned up what turned out to be the remains of Ice Age animals which included Woolly Mammoths. so now it forms a talking point or something to photograph.

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